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OSERVS - The Beginning

“As we move forward with broadening OSERVS’ role in community emergency preparedness and response, we are seeking to build a strong base of volunteers that we can call on to serve in a variety of capacities,” said Anne Snell McDonald,

OSERVS volunteer coordinator. "We were very pleased with the number of people who showed up and offered to help."

Major areas where OSERVS is seeking volunteers include:

· Major disaster response – This could involve working with mass care such as feeding operations or working as part of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) that will be involved in assisting first-line emergency responders following a disaster event.

· Office and clerical help – This will involve serving at the OSERVS office on such tasks as answering the phone and light clerical duties to provide key assistance to the agency’s staff.

· Education – This will involve working to help educate the community – including schools and civic groups – about emergency preparedness, health and safety issues, as well as working with such programs as Neighborhood Watch.

· Philanthropy – This area involves working with OSERVS leaders and board members in raising funds and generating other resources to be able to provide assistance to community members when disasters or major emergencies occur.

· On-call help for small emergencies – This area will provide volunteers to respond in the immediate aftermath of a residential fire or other emergency to provide initial assistance when it’s needed most.

“We have a variety of service opportunities available for

interested volunteers,” said Carol Moss Read, chair of the OSERVS

board of directors. “OSERVS is about neighbors being able to help

neighbors. The more people that want to get involved, the greater

impact that we can make when needed.”

Current Executive Director: Kayla M. Gilmore 


[email protected]

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