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OSERVS offers American Heart Certification

The courses offered through OSERVS are taught by instructors certified by the American Heart Association and successful completion will result in a 2-year certification for participants. Some courses will be scheduled at varying times throughout the year and made known through local media, while other courses will be offered as interest from the community, including civic organizations, schools, businesses and industries demands.

If you are interested in having OSERVS conduct one of the courses please use the following contact information or stop by during office hours.

Phone: 662-384-2200

email: [email protected]

2022 CPR Class Evaluations Results


Did this class meet your expectations? 32 YES  0 NO 

Are you leaving this class confident of your lifesaving skills?  32 YES    0 NO

What letter grade would you give this class? Letter Grade  31 A    1   0 0  D 0 F


Did this class meet your expectations? 9 YES 0 NO

Are you leaving this class confident of your lifesaving skills? 9 YES 0 NO

What letter grade would you give this class? Letter Grade  9 A 1 B 0 C 0 D 0 F

What Our Clients Are Saying

HeartSaver CPR Students

HeartSaver Instructor: Hildred Deese 

Testimonials 2022

"Great class and teacher you won't regret. you will leave with more than came with"...….Student

"The class was very thorough and well taught. I am confident that I have the skills to help save a life is need be."~ Asiah Clay, Student

"It was fun and time went by fast"...…Student

"Wonderful and fun class!!"...….Student

"This class was an amazing learning experience that guided me to success in the end! Truly enjoyed!"...… (MSU S.P.A.R.K 2022) Student

" I enjoyed this class very much. The instructor was very informative and entertaining"...….A. Randolph (MSU S.P.A.R.K 2022) Student


"This was the most informative and interactive CPR certification class I have attended"...…(MSU S.P.A.R.K. 2022) Student

"I really enjoyed this course! Great people! (MSU S.P.A.R.K.) Student

"The class was very entertaining and interactive"...….Jaylen McKenzie (MSU S.P.A.R.K.) Student

" Excellent instructor!"...….J. Tate, Student

" Enjoyed every minute. Fun and informative... I feel more confident"....Anonymous Student

" I enjoyed this class and feel prepared for emergency situations".....J.Coupe, Student

"I enjoyed this class thoroughly and learned a lot"....Chasity Bell, Student

"Going through examples was great"...…B.K.R.

"I loved the teacher who taught this class. She is a very good instructor".....Betty Medders, Student

" Very informative about a wide range of topics (included but not limited to actual CPR)"...….Lynn, Student

" Thank you, great instructor".....Anonymous Student

" This class was longer and more informative than other CPR class I have taken"...Anonymous Student

"First time taking the Heartsaver class and I've learned a whole lot that I didn't know".....Anonymous Student

" This class was very educational and I recommend that all adults get CPR certified, it could save a life"..... L. Tate, Student

"Ms. Hildred Deese is very detailed and gives lots of example of situations in which we can use the skills   she taught. I really enjoyed it and will be recommending this class to other"....Ariel Perry, Student

"Thank you for this opportunity. Ms. Deese was amazing and very informative"...….. Anonymous Student

"This class was a very informative experience. The instructor did a great job at keeping the class engaging"...….Austin Lisowski, Student

"I really enjoyed this class, and learned a lot. Thank you!".....Anonymous Student

"This class was very useful in helping. I feel prepared on reacting to an  emergency situation".....Anonymous Student

"This class is an important life skill that everyone should learn"....Fanny Bonillo, Student

"Ms. Hildred Deese has done a very good job of teaching the class and is a very well spoken instructor".....Troylin Miller, Student. 

" This class was very easily understood and easy to follow. The maternal was presented in a very efficient way that made me feel confident when learning that I would be able to help others in an emergency situation"...…Kathryn Lindsey 

"Ms. Hildred is an excellent CPR instructor and very patient and friendly....Shirley Grey, Student

"This class was easy to understand and Ms. Hildred is clearly passionate about teaching it! Would definitely recommend!".....Samantha Lopez, Student

" I wish I had taken the class many years ago! Great hands-on experience"...….Cathy Robertson, Student

" Hildred Deese was an awesome CPR teacher. She is good at what she does. I will refer anyone"...… Rogers, Student

" Best class I ever had".....I.J.,Student 

"Very educational!"...……Anonymous Student

"Situations given after the class was very helpful, Thank you....W.A., Student

"Thank you for the excellent scenarios and refreshers on all skills".....Ronette Smith, Student 

"Good class"........Anonymous Student

"Very informational and knowledgeable"...….Anonymous Student

"It was very informative"...….Anonymous Student

"The class was extremely helpful. The scenario gave an opportunity to use the skills in real time"...….Leigh Hawkins, Student 

"I enjoyed this class because she was so helpful to me".....Betty Eacholes, Student 

"The specialized dummies and simple explanation were great, but the scenarios were what made me feel confident!"...….Kelsey Crane, Student

"I truly enjoyed the experience. It was definitely worth the time. The real-life scenarios were very helpful"...…..Kimberly Crane, Student

" The scenarios training and knowledge learned in this class has greatly increased my confident to handle real life scenarios".....Randi Hardin, Student

"I truly enjoyed this class. Excellent instructors."...….Anonymous Student

"This CPR class was very informative and non intimidating. Everyone left with confident of saving a life. The instructors were very knowledgeable and professional"...…Lakita Goss, Student

"Very thorough and helpful. I would come again!"...…Callie Cain, Student

"This class was a very great class! Loved the teacher!...….Anonymous Student

"She did a great job at effectively teaching us. I liked that she had us repeat things to help us remember better"...…McKinley Owens, Student

"Hildred was wonderful and very constructive in her teaching!"....Anonymous Student

"This class was a great opportunity to learn CPR. I enjoyed how fun, interactive and not intimidating it was!...…Anonymous Student

"This class was great. Ms. Hildred did a great job! She made it fun and not scary. I feel comfortable using my new knowledge".....Kathleen Tucker, Student

"This class made learning CPR an interesting and informational time. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction"....Anonymous Student


BLS CPR Students

BLS Instructor: Ellen McGuffey, RN 

Testimonials 2022

"Ellen is informative and interesting- great teaching skills"...…Anonymous Student

"Excellent presentation!"...……..Anonymous Student

" Great class! Very informative and a great refresher"........L. Yelverton, Student

" Exceeded my expectation! Thanks so much!....Anonymous Student

"I will recommend this class to someone who will need help recertifying or just someone who just starting the class today"....Anonymous Student

" Great equipment and excellent instructor"....Anonymous Student

" Ellen was very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining everything to us. Would come back to her if I need to renew it".....P. McInuis, Student

" Ellen made this class fun and interesting while also informing us on BLS procedures"....E. J., Student

" Very good instruction!"....P. Henson, RN 

"She was very informative and knowledgeable"...…C. Gill, Student 

" She was an amazing instructor".....Rainy Bradford 

"This class was probable the most interesting CPR class I've been in!

"Ms. Ellen is an awesome teacher!"...…..Anonymous Student

" She was very informative and knowledgeable"...…C. Gill, Student

"She was an amazing instructor"...…R. Bradford, Student

"The class was probable the most interesting CPR class I've been in"...…Anonymous Student

" Ms. Ellen is an awesome teacher!"...…Anonymous Student

First Aid Certification-Instructor Ellen McGuffey 

"Excellent review and learned something new".....Leigh Hawkins, Student

"Excellent job loved the examples".....Renatta Smth, Student

"Good class".....Anonymous Student

" Very informational and knowledgeable"...…Anonymous Student

"It was informative"...…..Anonymous Student

" Short but informative"...…..Anonymous Student

"Thank you"...…Anonymous Student

"Thank you ! I really enjoyed it!...…Anonymous Student

"Very well taught, like the scenarios"......Anonymous Student

"Very informative"...….Anonymous Student

"It was detailed, but didn't drag on unnecessarily"....Anonymous Student

"I feel like I learned a lot more in this class more than others! They gave real scenarios!"...….Anonymous Student

"Very informative"...….Anonymous Student

"Very fun! It was very hands-on and interactive"....Anonymous Student

" I have truly enjoyed this class and learned so much"...…L. E., Student

"Loved everyone! Ellen was so great!.....Anonymous Student

"It was better"....Anonymous Student

"My first class was in high school and I like that everyone wanted to be here-made the class much better".....Anonymous Student